Academic Search Engines

Index of educational literature and published works, from multiple formats and disciplines.
Sweet Search has multiple search engines for different topics like science, social studies, biographies and history.
Wolfram Alpha is a computational knowledge engine. Think of it as Google for Math. Check out these examples of what it can do.
Infotopia uses multiple search engines, with results edited by educators, to create a deep search system for documents, images, or presentations.
If it’s been published, you’ll find it here. The official United States Library of Congress catalog portal.
Check out up to 3 eBooks at a time, for a 15 day period (for FREE) with the full archives of over 2000 academic publications.

Indexed by educators, IPL2 has searchable information by subject, with a large catalog of magazines and newspaper archives.

Acces SSRN’s eLibrary of published studies and information about topics such like the Humanities, Economics, Sociology, Anthropology, and Political Science.
Encyclopedias, quotations, university archives, dictionaries, thesauruses, mathematics conversion tables and calculators.
Virtual library of internet resources for faculty, students and research staff, developed by the University of California.
Search Engine Tutorials
Additional Resources