Course Descriptions:


 This course follows the curriculum set forth by the College Board and is equivalent to a first semester algebra-based Physics course.  Students will require a strong algebra background and knowledge of right triangle sine, cosine, and tangent ratios to be successful in this course.  Topics include kinematics, Newton’s Laws of motion, torque, rotational motion and angular momentum, gravitation and circular motion, work, energy, power, linear momentum, oscillations, mechanical waves, sound, and an introduction to electric circuits.  There will be a focus on inquiry-based laboratory activities which challenge students to design and carry out experiments targeting certain learning objectives.  



This is a general physics course with a problem-solving component requiring an Algebra 2 level of mathematics preparation and will include basic trigonometry (taught in the course). The topics to be covered in the first semester are Measurements, Mechanics, and Circular and Rotational Motion. The topics to be covered in the second semester are Electricity and Magnetism, Wave Motion, Thermodynamics and Modern Physics.