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Hello Students and Parents/Guardians,

I hope you are all doing well and thank you for your continued support in distance learning. We are working toward bringing classes back to campus and will need all students to fill out the survey below selecting your preference for in-person instruction or to remain in distance learning. When making your decision please review the following schedule and information relating to instruction.

The schedule to bring back grade levels is currently:

  • April 12th seniors back on campus.
  • April 21st freshman back on campus.
  • April 28th sophomores/juniors back on campus.


All students have the option to continue to work in the distance learning environment or return to campus. A link to the form is below and will be shared with all students so that they can opt in or out of in-person instruction. We will need accurate information due to the restrictions placed upon classrooms and student numbers. All courses will be offered as long as there is more than one student opting into a given class.

A few other guidelines regarding in person instruction are:

  • The bell schedule will remain the same so it will be a block schedule with rotating Black (per 1,2,3) and Silver (per 4/5,6,7) days. There will be a 10 minute passing period between classes.
  • Lunch will be a grab and go lunch following the end of the last class period at 1:00pm.
  • Health screenings with a temperature check will take place as students arrive on campus.
  • Students will be required to wear a mask while on campus, to maintain social distancing and follow all other CDPH guidelines.
  • Teachers will be working with students who are both in-person and online so there will be simulcasting and providing limited in person support during each period.
  • Students who opt into in-person learning will remain on campus now that all classes are being offered. If there are too many students in a given class there will be overflow areas to accommodate students and connect them with their teachers.

Please utilize the following survey links based on grade level, you must use the students email address:

Thank you and see you soon!


Scott Odlin


Stockdale High School