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Gifted & Talented Program Presentation


1. What if my child does not gain admission to GATE?
Stockdale has an outstanding College Prep Program that prepares students for admission to four year colleges and universities.

2. My child was not accepted into GATE. Can he/she be evaluated again?
Yes. We will evaluate the student again based upon junior high school grades and the 8th grade STAR tests in the summer, if it is requested by the parent. Students may also apply for GATE courses for their sophomore year if they were not enrolled in GATE the freshman year.

3. Can I nominate my child for GATE myself?
Yes. Simply fill out the nomination form and send it to your junior high school by February 5, 2021.

4. Can I select which GATE courses to enroll in if I am accepted?
Yes, the student may choose all of our freshman GATE courses, or whichever they desire.

5. How do I sign up for GATE courses if I am accepted?
School staff will automatically enroll students into ALL GATE courses they qualify for in the summer, unless the parent calls to specify which courses to be College Prep.

6. When can I sign up for fall courses?
Parents will sign students up for electives and core courses at Registration. All core courses will be College Prep for everyone until we are notified of GATE acceptance in the summer.

7. Will Stockdale have summer school and when can I sign up?
Stockdale will have summer school and parents may sign up at Registration. We will not know which courses are available to students until then. There is no guarantee that your student will get into summer school since it will be limited.

8. Can my student take a course at other high schools, like Garces, in the summer, and will it be transferrable to Stockdale?
Yes. Students may enroll in any accredited high school and the course will be evaluated and added to the Stockdale transcript.

9. When can I meet with my student’s counselor to discuss academic planning?
Stockdale counselors provide academic planning for students and parents in the Spring semester of their freshman year.

10. Can my student sign up for AP courses as an upperclassman if they were not accepted into GATE freshman year?
Yes. Students may enroll in AP courses even if they have never been in GATE.