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School Policies » Dance Guidelines

Dance Guidelines

Dances are important social events for students and provide a structured forum for socializing and expression. However, the school must maintain a reasonable standard of appropriate behavior and dance movements. Students must recognize that movements and dance styles present in non-school settings or as portrayed in the entertainment industry are not always appropriate in the high school setting. Therefore, the following guidelines will be used to determine appropriate behavior and dance movements:
  1. All school rules are in effect at all school dances (dress code, discipline code, etc.) Junior-Senior Prom and Winter Formal have separate dress guidelines provided when bids are purchased.
  2. The following dance movements or styles are inappropriate for the high school setting and are therefore not permitted:
    1. Lewd or suggestive dancing (front to back dancing (freaking), dirty dancing, etc.)
    2. Movements that advocate violence (moshing, slamming, etc.)
    3. Movements that threaten student safety
  3. The school administration and staff chaperones will use their best judgment to identify dance moves or styles that are not in “good taste” or that violate these guidelines.
  4. Students will be warned one time about inappropriate dance movements. A second violation will result in dismissal from the dance.
  5. If a student is removed from a dance due to a violation of these rules, there will be no refunds. A student by their choice of attending a dance accepts and agrees to follow these dance guidelines.\
Stockdale High dances are meant to be events for high school age students. No off-campus guests are allowed at the first dance of the year. Guests may attend other dances but only after the host student has completed the guest dance form and received approval from the Dean of Students. All guest must be 20 years or younger as stated on the guest dance form.

GUEST SIGN-UP PROCEDURES (on campus dances)
  • You may only sign up one guest per dance.
  • Include both their first and last names and where they go to school.
  • They must be a high school student. No older guests.
  • You must arrive with your guest and leave with your guest. Out-of- school guests who do not arrive with you will not be admitted.
  • You are responsible for your guest’s behavior. That means if they misbehave and are asked to leave, you go with them.
  • Please inform your guest ahead of time about our policies on appropriate dancing, drug and alcohol use, etc.
  • Deadline to sign up guests is Thursday afternoon at 3 p.m. (for a Friday or Saturday dance).
  • For dances held on other days of the week, the deadline is 3 p.m. the day BEFORE the dance.
  • Contact the Dean of Student Services with any questions.
  • Junior-Senior Prom and Winter Formal have separate guest guidelines provided by Dean of Student Services.