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School Policies » Conduct & Behavior

Conduct & Behavior

Students are required to arrive in class on time with all needed materials. Students are to be cooperative with their teachers, respectful of others and to conduct themselves in a quiet and orderly manner at all times. High standards of personal conduct are expected. Students are required to complete their assigned work, both class work and homework, regularly. Students must recognize the teacher as the ultimate authority in the classroom; acts of insubordination are among the most serious acts of misconduct and will not be tolerated. Students guilty of infractions will be referred to the Dean of Students for disciplinary action.

Use of tobacco, profanity, rowdiness, and drinking of alcohol are not be tolerated. Racial intolerance is not acceptable. Students involved in racially motivated incidents will be suspended and possibly expelled from Stockdale High.
All rules and regulations governing student conduct at school apply to all school and District-sponsored events/athletic contests, dances, plays, banquets, field trips, etc. The rules and regulations are applicable whether the activity or contest is held on or off campus, during or after school hours, etc. Stockdale has a zero tolerance policy on alcohol and drug usage.