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Academic Integrity

Each student has a moral obligation to complete his/her own schoolwork. Cheating and plagiarism are wrong. Cheating is the practice of fraudulent or deceptive acts for the purpose of improving a grade or obtaining course credit or assisting another to do so. Plagiarism is a specific form of cheating which consists of the misuse of the published and/or unpublished works of another by representing the material so used as one’s own work. Students who violate this policy will receive disciplinary action. We view cheating as a serious offense that may lead to removal from Stockdale High School.

Following are examples of Academic Dishonesty:


1. Use of any materials not expressly allowed by the teacher, such as notes, tables, or calculators.

2. Answers obtained by observation of another student’s test or any form of communication between students during an exam.


1. Failure to use quotation marks when quoting directly from another, whether it is a paragraph, sentence or part thereof.

2. Copying phrases or ideas from a book, magazine, Internet, or other source without giving credit to the author.

3. Turning in the work of another individual as your own.

4. Giving an oral presentation that is the work of another individual.

5. Purchasing a paper off the Internet & using the words/ideas as your own.

6. Obtaining assistance from another individual to the point where the paper is a collaborative effort instead of the individual’s own work.

When in doubt about the correct way to cite a source, consult a style manual recommended by your teacher.


1. Changing an answer on a test and returning it to the teacher with the claim that the test was graded incorrectly.

2. Inventing data for a survey or lab assignment.


1. Turning in the same paper in two or more classes without the consent of both teachers.

2. Working with another student when independent work is specified.

3. Allowing someone to use your work and turn it in as his/her own.

4. Falsifying a grade document.

5. Unauthorized use of an electronic device. (i.e. camera phone, etc.)

It is imperative that the student accepts their role as part of our school community and uphold the high standards of academic performance and classroom behavior. The faculty and administration cannot preserve Stockdale’s standards of academic excellence without your support.

You are encouraged to discuss academic standards with your peers and teachers. If you desire anonymity for any reason, contact the Dean of Instruction.

Individual teachers also have the responsibility to maintain academic integrity. This responsibility includes a determined effort to establish and maintain an atmosphere that promotes honesty. At the beginning of each semester, teachers will discuss in a positive manner the issues of academic integrity. Teachers will send a referral to the Dean of Instruction for issues all incidents of cheating/plagiarism