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Dress Code

Attention to appearance and a student’s attitude toward self and school are related. For this reason, clothing must be modest and appropriate for the school environment. For safety reasons shoes must be worn at all times. Some courses or activities may require closed-toed shoes for student participation. Clothing must not promote or glorify – directly or by reference – alcohol, gang affiliation, weapons, tobacco products, controlled substances or suggestive sexual behaviors and must not contain profanity, references to profanity, or slogans that promote disruptive behavior or are a disruption to the educational process. Pajamas, slippers, doo-rags, skull caps, nylon caps, sweat bands, hairnet, bandanas are not appropriate for the school environment. Any apparel determined by school staff to be revealing or which draws undue attention is unacceptable and a violation of this policy.

  1. All pants should be worn at the waistline. No sagging pants.
  2. The following hats can be worn in an appropriate manner: StHS hats, beanies. No insignia black, silver, or white hats (Hats are not allowed to be worn inside buildings)
  3. All tank tops must have straps that are at least 1 inch in width
  4. Sleeveless shirts are not allowed (applies to young men only)
  5. Halter tops, tube tops, she2r (see through tops-must wear a camisole***no bandos) single strap tops, off the shoulder tops, strapless tops are not allowed at any time.
  6. Wallet chains are not allowed
  7. Jewelry and accessories must be appropriate for the school environment with no sharp or pointed edges
  8. Dresses/shorts/skirts should be no shorter than the wearer’s longest fingertip when the arm is dropped straight from the shoulder
  9. No undergarments shall be visible at any time
  10. No boxer shorts, pajamas or other undergarments shall be worn as outer garments – all camisoles are considered undergarments
  11. Tops and pants revealing any portion of the midriff section at any time are not allowed. Leggings – When leggings are worn, tops/dresses must be no shorter than the wearer’s longest fingertip when the arm is dropped straight from the shoulder. Pants must not have any holes in the thigh area or upper portion of the pants.
Students who dress in violation of this policy will be sent to the Dean’s Office for one of the following actions:
  • Trade an inappropriate article of clothing for an appropriate garment and retrieve the article in question in the Dean’s office at the end of the day. The Dean’s office has appropriate t-shirts available as well as rope/twine to hold up pants. The student may be allowed to change into a shirt from his/her PE locker if time permits and staffing is available for escort. (Locker rooms are locked during each period).
  • Call home and have appropriate clothing brought to school and the garment in question taken home. In this case the student will remain in the Dean’s office until an appropriate garment has arrived.
  • Repeated Dress Code violations will result in Detention or In-School Suspension (ISS)
***School sponsored DRESS-UP DAYS can be an exception to the rule but clothing must be appropriate for the themed day.